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Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-4

Policies and Rates

 Fee Schedule

     Rates effective Dec 1, 2017. All rates include GST.

For Trikinetic RMT’s     

      (See below for Karen Fleming & Estelle Cormier’s rates)

Initial Visit: 60 minutes $110.00

Subsequent Visits:

  • 90 minutes:  $150.00                                                  
  • 75 minutes:  $130.00                                                  
  • 60 minutes:  $110.00                                                 
  • 45 minutes:  $  85.00                                                  
  • 30 minutes:  $  70.00

Karen Fleming & Estelle Cormier’s Rates

     Initial Visit with Karen Fleming: 75 minutes $140

Initial Visit with Estelle Cormier: 45 minutes $85

Initial Visit with Estelle Cormier: 60 minutes $115

Subsequent Visits:

  •  90 minutes: $165.00
  •  75 minutes: $140.00
  •  60 minutes: $115.00
  •  45 minutes: $ 90.00

Patient Intake Form – 2016

All session times include: medical history intake, assessment, the time required for you to change clothing for treatment, the time it takes you to dress to leave, questions, and learning exercises for home self-care.

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

If your income is under $26,000/year, and you have registered for Premium Assistance, Disability or have First Nations status coverage, you are entitled to reimbursement for partial coverage for up to 10 Complementary & Alternative practitioner sessions (including Massage Therapy) per year.  MSP reimburses $23.00 per visit to client.

If you have any questions regarding this coverage, please do not hesitate to call or write to us for clarification.


ICBC  approves 20 visits of Massage Therapy at a rate of $23.00 initially after an MVA.  If more treatment is necessary you can often simply see your GP and they will write you another referral for your rehab therapies.  Talk with your therapist, your adjuster or lawyer to confirm costs, reimbursement and other details of coverage.

You will be required to pay your Registered Massage Therapist for the full cost of the treatment at the time of your appointment. You can talk to your lawyer or Adjuster about  reimbursement.

Karen Fleming can Direct Bill ICBC for the $23.00 portion of your treatment cost.

If your visit related to an accident, please complete and bring this form with you to your visit: Motor Vehicle Accident Intake Form.

Private Extended Health Benefits

You may need a doctor’s referral to qualify for coverage of Massage Therapy under your extended health benefits. Details that you should check are: the amount of your deductible; number of treatments covered; dollar limits; and therapies covered.

Clients pay the full rate for each session and receive reimbursement from their insurer according to their plan.

Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

All RMTs at Trikinetic Massage Therapy have the ability to direct bill to Pacific Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans.  Please inquire about billing to other Insurers.

Booking Appointments

Online Booking, as of August 1st, 2013 through Click4Time

At Trikinetic we try to make the booking process as easy as possible. When you first come to see us you will provide us with basic information. This helps us get a better understanding of your condition, basic medical background and needs, which informs us as to how we can best help you.

When booking an appointment, whether by phone, email, or online there are a few things that we will need to know right away:

      • Have you been here before? If so, how long ago?
      • Since your last appointment, have there been any changes in your contact information and/or medical history?
      • What, in general terms, are you wanting to have treated?
      • Is there a particular therapist you would like to see?
      • Are there any particular days or times that would best fit your schedule?
      • Are you aware of our current rates?
      • Are you covered under MSP and/or extended health?
      • Is this visit related to an ICBC  claim?

For all new patients, we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete a brief medical history intake form. All intake forms may be emailed in advanced at the patient’s request, or downloaded from the website.

All appointment times include an assessment, time for the patient to dress and undress for the treatment, hands on treatment, homecare instruction and information, payment, and re-booking.

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash and Cheque, Debit, Visa & MasterCard.

If this is your first visit please complete and bring this form with you to your visit: Medical History.

Cancellation Policy

If you have booked an appointment, and need to cancel it for any reason, please let us know with one full business days’ notice of the scheduled time.  If are unable to do this, or if you forget, you will be charged the entire cost of the appointment.   As health care professionals, we take your health very seriously and ask that you respect our time and expertise by allowing enough time for your spot to be filled if you need to change or cancel your appointment.

Privacy Policy

At Trikinetic, we are committed to providing our patients with exceptional service.  As providing this service involves the collection, use and disclosure of some personal information about our patients, protecting their personal information is one of our highest priorities. Click here to view our Privacy Policy..

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